29. 8. 2017


Back in the beginning of summer, me and my friend Tereza went to Hamburg for a little city break. We visited cool places, ate in awesome vegan restaurants and we also went to flea markets. The flea markets in Germany are generally much bigger thing than in Prague, so we were secretly hoping to hit the jackpot with finding some real treasure. I found an old analog Olympus camera. Some could say, "how is this hitting the jackpot?!". Well, at first I was slightly feeling the same, what if it does not work or what it the results will be rubbish. How wrong was I. Can you imagine how resistant these old analog cameras must be? They are old and they still shoot the same!
And we are getting finally to the point, why am I writing this whole thing. I shot some analog films when I was in the mountains for a week and these are the results. They are pretty damn good, if you ask me and I couldn't be happier now about the fact that I bought this camera for 5 euros on a flea market in Hamburg.